Pickup and tours service rate : 

Free Pickup from Lauya to ShiJhuo to eat lunch or dinner during your stay.

Chareged Pickup 
a. From HSR Chiayi to Lauya 2pax: NT1800~2000 per car (Toyota Wish,T6),
b. From Chiayi Railway Station to Lauya: NT1500~1800 per car (Toyata Wish) 
c. From Lauya to Alishan Park to see sunrise 
d.Van Sharing from Lauya to Alishan Park to see sunrise( NT300 per persons if over 5 persons)
d. From Lauya to Fenqihu 
e. From Lauya to Fenqihu,Xiding Sunset trail 
f. From Lauya to Fenqihu,Xiding Sunset trail,Yupasit Restaurant

Miss Hu    : +886933358086                  ( Toyota wish: 6 pesons , Chiayi city )   Line:0933358086

Mr.Chen : +886933356851                  ( VW Caddy : 6 persons , Fenqihu ,VW T6,8 persons,Fenqihu),This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ,LINE ID:0933356851,


Share Van to Chiayi Railway station :NT250(10:30 from Lauya ,11:30 arrive Chiayi Railway station

Share Van to HSR Chiayi  station :NT350(10:30 from Lauya ,11:50 arrive HSR Chiayi station)