Frequently Asked Question

How to buy small train tickets ? Can you buy small train tickets for us ?

Sorry! We don't have ticket service. You can buy tickets online or search for a travel agency.

If you want to buy small train tickets , you have to know which kind of train ticket you want to buy.

There are two different kind of small trains in Alishan area.

A. Small train between Chiayi station and Alishan Station(Main Line,140mins)

For the typhoon issue,the small train only works between Chiayi railway station to FenqiHu station.

Only one small train from Chiayi Railway station at 9:00 every day and two more train at 9:30,10:00 on Staturday from Chiayi Railway station to Fenqihu station. You can check the small train information mentioned later to book train tickets online.


Ticket information  <-Lots of old and wrong information,please google translate  chinese version for last information.

Small train online Booking (Id number is your passport number,Train Number,Bring your passport to get the tickets at Chiayi ,FenqiHu train station) 

Small train online booking webisite after goolge translate <-Book your ticket  "one-way ticket"

 If you want to see the ChuShan sunrise the next day,you can also buy sunrise small train ticket when you arrive Chiayi staion or FenQiHu station.


B. Small train line inside Alishan Forest Park.(ChuShan Line,Shenmu Line,Zhaoping Line)

If you want to see sunrise at ChuShan ,you can buy sunrise train ticket one day before your sunrise day at Chiayi station or Fenqihu station before 16:00 every day. But if you will not arrive above stations,you still can buy sunrise train ticket at Alishan small train station 30mins before the first small train depart. We usually will give our guests a depature time from lauya every day,if you can leave our homestay on time,you can buy the sunrise tickets and catch the sunrise small train.